New interview is up on the blog!

Tattoo artist Björn Liebner, Germany. This guy have a good sense of humour and one of my fav artists

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Someone seriously needs to tell my skin that i’m not a teenager any more!!



The Rosy Maple Moth

More of the cutest moth ever.

Butterflies ain’t got nothing on moths

I have 2 of these guys for sale in mini frame cases :)

(via pandarican)

if someone could just give me a grand that’d be cool.

I wish I had the alcohol that I left at someone’s pre-anticipating the night out I wasn’t invited to…

Brands for sale: Criminal Damage, Honour Over Glory, Bank, Geisha Wigs and more!!! →

Ebay clear out :D

MacabreCommodities →

If you haven’t already has a browse at my online shop; here’s your chance! :)

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