Buy my things on ASOS? :) →

If anyone wants an invite to complete online surveys in return for £10 shopping vouchers, send me your email :)


So I’m selling my entire latex collection including:

Westward bound high waisted latex leggings

Violaceous latex bodysuit

Measurements: 34 - 26 - 36

Looking for £150 for the two

Someone want to give me a job please?

I’m on a 4 hour contract at work…

homeless people make more money than I do…

Macabre Commodities →

Sorry to be a massive pain in the arse by asking but could you please like my new page :)

Macabre Commodities →
Macabre Commodities →

I need your help in coming up with a business name....

I'm going to be selling skulls, taxidermy and jewellery so suggestions are welcome!

Just did a free food shop courtesy of online surveys :D

If anyone wants an invite send me your email :)

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